Espresso Martini Festival 2.0 Event FAQ

If you’re attending Perth’s Favourite Espresso Martini Festival, please see our detailed event FAQ for any questions you might have. If you’re unable to find your answer below please send us an email to and our team will do their best to assist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy tickets?

You can purchase your tickets to the Espresso Martini Festival 2.0 HERE!

Alternatively, head to the Market Grounds website, Facebook page for additional ticket info and updates.


How much are tickets?

This event will have multiple sessions across the day each with different inclusions.

First Release tickets for General Admission to the event start from $35 + booking fees.

Once sold out, our second release tickets will be available for $39 + booking fees.

Our Brunch-tini and limited VIP general admission tickets will be available for $69 + booking fees.

Our Lunch and Dinner sessions will be on sale for $79 + booking fees.


What does my ticket include?

Our Wake n’ Shake & Later Shaker general admission tickets include:

  • 2 x Bespoke Espresso Martinis of your choice
  • Entry to the event starting from your session time until the session end time.

Our VIP Experience tickets include:

  • 2 x Espresso Martinis of your choice
  • Entry to the event starting from your session time
  • A limited edition goodie bag from some of our favourite liquor brands & event partners
  • A seat at the exclusive VIP masterclass

The Brunch-tini ticket includes:

  • Bottomless brunch grazing selection
  • 3 x Espresso inspired beverages to enjoy over the course of your 1.5 hour seating
  • General entry into the event to enjoy the rest of the festivities after the brunch.

Our Lunch-tini & Espresso Dinner Experience Tickets Include:

  • Chefs curated 3 course menu of locally sourced, seasonal produce
  • 3 x Espresso inspired beverages paired to enjoy over the course of your 1.5-hour session
  • Full entry to the event from your session start time


The ticketing page is saying the event is sold out! How can I get tickets?

Unfortunately, when an event is classified as SOLD OUT, we are booked to full capacity. If the capacity restrictions do happen to lift prior to the event taking place, we will promptly make announcements regarding extra tickets on social media and on our website. We will not have door sales available for sold out events.


What time does the event start?

Depending on your ticket type, your session time dictates what time you are allowed to gain entry into the festival. See below for a detailed and clear guide.

Wake n’ Shake GA @11:00 am:

You must arrive between 11am and 12pm to gain entry to the event. Your session end time is 2.30pm, so you have plenty of time to enjoy the festival.


Later Shaker GA @3:00pm:

You must arrive between 3pm and 4pm to gain entry to the event.



Brunch-tini @11:00 am:

Please ensure you arrive on time so we can seat you for your brunch. Look for the Premium entry line to skip the queue!

Lunch-tini @ 1:30 pm:

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your booking to ensure we can seat your table before your lunch begins. Look for the Premium entry line to skip the queue!


Espresso Dinner Experience 6pm session:

You will have from 4:00pm to enjoy the festival until your dinner start time. Please arrive at the restaurant 15 minutes prior to your booking to ensure we can seat your table before your lunch begins. Look for the Premium entry line to skip the queue!


VIP Experience sessions:

You must arrive between your session start time and half an hour thereafter to attend the exclusive VIP masterclass. If you are late, you will forfeit your space at the class. Look for the Premium entry line to skip the queue!


How long does the brunch, lunch & dinner go for?

There are ticketed times for the restaurant seatings: 11am, 1.30pm & 6pm

Each session goes for a duration of 1.5 hours, and after it has finished you will be welcome to check out the rest of the event for the day. This duration is the same for the Dinner, however you are welcome to arrive at 4pm to enjoy the festival before your dinner seating.


Can I leave the event and return?

Due to the staggered session times for the day, and our venue capacity – we will not be allowing pass outs for ticket holders. This means you will not be allowed to gain instant re-entry should you choose to leave the event during your session.

Market Grounds will re-open to the public from 7pm pending capacity availability.


What type of Espresso Martini’s will be there on the day?

We will have all kinds of Espresso Martini’s available on the day from all our favourite brands.

This will include nitro espresso martinis, shaken espresso martinis, espresso martinis with a twist and more caffeine inspired cocktails!


What does a session time mean?

We have multiple session times for the Festival, which have been designed to comply with the current phase 4 WA government guidelines regarding COVID-19.


If you are a Brunch or Lunch ticket holder, your session start time is when your seating time begins. Ticket holders are encouraged to arrive 15mins prior to be seated on time. Your session will run for 1.5 hours and after this time you are welcome to move from the restaurant and join in the rest of the Festival!


Dinner ticket holders are permitted entry to the Festival from 4pm with the Dinner session starting at 6pm. The dinner will run for 1.5hours and you’re more than welcome to stick around after the event and continue the party!


If you are a ‘Wake n’ Shake’ or ‘Later Shaker’ general admission ticket holder, the session start time on your ticket is the time from which you are allowed entry to the event. To ensure we adhere to our current capacity limitations, you will have a 1 hour window in which you can gain entry to the event. If your session time is 11:00am, it means you are welcome to arrive any time between 11:00am and 12pm. If your session start time is 3:00pm it means you will be allowed to gain entry from 3:00pm until 4pm.

Please note: general admission ticket holders will not be permitted to gain entry before session start times.


I cannot make the event, can I cancel my tickets?

As per the ticketing page terms and conditions, all ticket sales are final are strictly non-refundable.


Can I sell my ticket if I cannot make the event?

If you choose to sell your ticket, do so at your own risk. Market Grounds is not responsible for the transfer of funds or ticket exchanges outside of our ticketing platform.

We do not allow the resale of tickets on the Facebook event page or any other of our platforms. Please exercise caution and beware of fraud if you choose to engage with others over the re-sale of tickets.


Someone is selling their ticket, is it ok for me to purchase it?

As above, purchasing a ticket outside of our platform is done so at your own risk. Market Grounds is not responsible if there are any issues with tickets purchased from another party.

If you would like to transfer ownership of your ticket/s to someone you know and need to change the name on a ticket you have purchased, please have the current ticket holder contact for the name change and we will happily assist.


Will food be available on the day for general ticket holders?

Yes! Our fabulous food stalls and full Al A Carte menu will be available to purchase from on the day.


Can I bring my children?

This event is an Espresso Martini Festival in a licensed venue and as such, children and those under 18 years of age will not be permitted on the premises during the event.


Are there Vegan options?

Unfortunately, our set menu brunch, lunch and dinner sessions will not be vegan friendly however if you’re purchasing a ticket for general admission lots of our cocktails will be using vegan friendly ingredients and our a la carte menu has vegan options available.

We will also have a range of other stalls on the day who may have other vegan options to choose from. It never hurts to ask!


Are there Gluten Free options?

As above, our a la carte menu will have gluten free options available on the day if you have a general admission ticket. If you are attending the Brunch, Lunch or Dinner sessions please contact our team at before purchasing to clarify which options may be suitable on the set menu.

In regards to the other cocktails and drinks available on the day, the key ingredients for an Espresso Martini are gluten free however we cannot be responsible for other suppliers who may provide alternative recipes. Ask your stallholder or bartender before purchasing to confirm if the option is gluten free.


Are there Caffeine free options?

As the classic espresso martini does indeed include caffeine, there will be a lot of caffeinated beverages on offer on the day.

If you would like to attend and you are unable to enjoy espresso martinis, we will still have a range of drinks on offer available to be purchased over the bar and we’ll also have experience-based offerings including masterclasses, food pop ups and stalls and more.


Can I book a table on the day?

Our Brunch, Lunch and Dinner ticket holders will have an allocated seating for the duration of their meal session time. This is a 1.5 hour session commencing from the beginning of the ticket session start time.

If you have a general admission pass you are welcome to grab a table around the rest of the venue and The Grounds beer garden to sit at any time.

Market Grounds will re-open to the public from 7pm pending current capacity limits.


What Happens if there is a change to COVID-19 restrictions?

If the event is not able to proceed at the designated date due to COVID-19 Restrictions we will postpone to a suitable date in the future. All ticket holders will be given a time frame to request a full refund excluding any booking fees or their tickets will be automatically transferred to the new date. All event communications will be made via the emails provided at your point of purchase.